10 June 2010


Ok, so I've decided it will be much easier to update a blog this way that the way you can blog on the website! Which takes forever and is hard to actually use! So where have we been and spent all our time doing?
Well we've been super busy lately and we got our very first craft fair over and done with, nothing to worry about at all! Jees, we had nothing to worry about stock and organisational side of things, shame about the weather!! It rained, all day long... from start to finish! Typical. So we had all this great new stock with us, with nobody to show it off too. But we do have other fairs booked up now so at least we know what to expect next time. Here's a few photos of how we set up our display...

Sorry for bad quality all photos! We shall try better next time to take with a camera and not a phone.

A good thing was to come out of our dissappointing day at the craft fair though...We will never have to buy any fabric for months and months (probably years) to come here at Sweet Cotton Threads! A long story short, a lovely couple approached us and made a generous offer of A LOT of fabric.. we we're thinking along the lines of a bin bag or two (which we thought was above our expectations anyway because we didn't think anyone could be so generous).. no no Sweet Cotton Thread fans, we now have mountains and moutains of all this beautiful fabric of which was given to us! If the couple were to every read this, once again a HUGE thankyou from us at Sweet Cotton Threads. We will try to get photo's of the fabrics up on a blog ASAP! So if there is just a whole blog with photos you know its gonna be the fabric blog! We have lots of new items in our range of summer items! Ah finally summer is getting here, although as I type this I look out onto a street with big puddles forming on the ground and cold air coming through the window.. maybe the summer sun got lost but I know it will come back to us here in the UK VERY SOON! Well we hope because we have some lovely new items for you all to view, oh and new photos of ALL our items!

Strawberry bag! Perfect for summer.
Can be used as a reuseable food shopping bag or as a cute summer lightweight bag for holidays.

A cute gingham love heart canvas bag, lightweight and fashionable!

Our popular gingham heart
door hangers, avaiable in the following colours-
Green, Red, Purple, Baby Blue and Dark Blue

This is the canvas bag I made to test out on a whole 4 hour train journey (ran for 3 different trains.. many bags have fallen apart on me whiles running down stairs!) and a whole days shopping trip with a very heavy bag and empty purse at the end of it! It's safe to say this bag is very durable!

We shall we back next week with a new blog with plenty more to tell you from SCT's Studio!
The Sweet Cotton Threads team xxx

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