22 July 2010

I've been BUSY!

You know when you think 'ah wouldn't it be nice to sit out in the sun and not have to worry..' well thats how all my days used to be but now Sweet Cotton Threads is taking off and we are having more orders than ever, which I am LOVING!!! I love love love making personal orders and it's lovely to sell items you have pre-made, this week I've been busy making these orders...

I've never made door signs before or done lettering on bunting so got to try new things this week which was nice! I think the bunting is the best set I've made so far! But let me all know what you think!
Isn't it just a lovely feeling when somebody says they actually like what you've come up with for them, I always have this dread in my mind of 'OH NOOO! What if they don't like what I've come up with' but I've had nothing but lovely feedback from customers so far, so lets hope it continues!!!
We had a 'Ladie's Evening' to attend for a local school last week (here's the photo's)...

What do you all think?
I don't think I have much more to update on for Sweet Cotton Threads, but if I do I'll let you guys know!
And I just want to say sorry to everyone who has emailed me about the '30 day blog feature' and getting  themselves featured! I am getting round to doing it all but just wanted to say I'm sorry and a big thank you to everyone who has taken the time to email me over being featured, it's really lovely to read all your stories!!
Will update again soon, look out for more feature blogs today!
Em x

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