19 August 2011

2000 makes it competition time!

We finally reached 2000 likers.. and now we're nearly at 2100 within a few days of hitting our target :) Now time for a little competition!

I want you all to enter our competition by telling us how you would decorate your house for the Christmas season with Sweet Cotton Thread's items, if money was no object and you could have it exactly how you liked it- custom items an all!
To enter, simply comment below or pop us your comment to our email competitions@sweetcottonthreads.co.uk  (we would use facebook if it didn't run the risk of loosing your page and liker's over just a competition, with no warning!)

On Thursday evening (25th August) we shall close the competition and get the winner (picked at random) announced on Friday!

So what is your prize for entering (oh and making sure you spread the word of Sweet Cotton Threads competition too! hehe)...
You will get your very own custom made 2 metre bunting set from up to three of the fabrics below..

We can put together a mix match of fabrics until your happy with your design!
I will include ribbons and buttons of your choice onto the bunting once put together.

I hope all your lovely liker's out there enter from our facebook page and everyone who follows our blog too!

Good luck and speak to you all on FRIDAY!


  1. Oooh with all your talent Christmas would look amazing!
    I would have some traditional red & green bunting hung up - with merry christmas written on it of course, with some cute little tree decorations - bauble circles & cinnamon filled hearts in different fabrics in a traditional red & green colours.
    A noticeboard in matching colours with some gold ribbon to put our cards in, with a couple of furry topped stockings hung on the wall too :)

  2. i would have my stockings you already made me hung up with matching miniature ones for the tree, a noticeboard for all my cards, bunting hung round all the walls and banisters :) x

  3. I would decorate my home with all your red and white hearts and lots of stockings.. And also with the sign/board "santa stop here":)!!
    Maybe also a board to hung up an advent calendar.. :) Thank you for the giveaway.. I'm one of your Facebook likers(Giulia Isidori)

  4. I would defo have some of your beautiful bunting hanging from the fire place ... with matching stockings for the gang hanging from the fireplace too ... oh and maybe you could come up wit something to decorate our dinner chairs with so they look all festive for Christmas dinner ... Oooo and a matching table runner and napkins ... Oh and how about a matching apron for Mr Smith who will of course be cooking x x I'll share over on CC now mate x x

  5. i'd go for lots of bunting, around the hall and in our main room, plus hearts to hand on all the pictures and on the tree. plus something dangly to go on the light fittings (which would bop my hubby head and annoy him alot but as he doesn't really do christmas decorating - tough!)

  6. I'd love christmas red,green & gold bunting for my fire place saying "Happy Crimble" (as that's what my children call christmas)lots of scrummy handmade dec's for the tree like gingerbread men, hearts,snowflakes,cinnamon pacels, snowmem and 3 special ones with initals & 2011 on, as I always buy 3 new ones each yr each relating to each of them that yr and write their names and the yr on the back as a keepsake for when there older and have their own trees :o)
    xx Good luck everyone xx

  7. Thank you all for entering! Competition now closed and off to read the fair few emails entrees we received! xxx