01 September 2011

Time flys by..

As this blog is about my life as well as business I thought I'd share my summer with you all...
With the whole of our summer flown by a lot has happened, unfortunately a lot of bad BUT a few good times thrown in there too. As many of you know we went on holiday in May, since coming back from our amazing time away a lot of bad news came our way. I took a lot of time away from Sweet Cotton Threads as everything was too hectic at home running backwards and forwards between looking for new homes and my Grandad ill in hospital, without keep orders up to date which I knew I couldn't juggle too. In the time we we're closed we had a family death and we moved! Two of the most stressful moments in our lives, both of which I had never experienced before. My Grandad passed away in early July from Cancer and then two weeks later we moved. I just want all our loyal like's and customers to know that I did have good reason for closing (I wish it was for spending the whole summer on a beach). I know a lot of people appreciate others honesty in situations like these. But everything is slowly getting back to 'normal' and we are settling in our new home!

I've been busy this week with sorting through my fabrics (properly) and took a few snaps along the way so you lovelies could see too!! I even made my poor boyfriend drive 2 hours back home so we could pick up yet more fabric last weekend...  we arrived back home on Monday night with a car filled with food and washed + ironed clothes (thank you Mum and Dad!!), missing the fabrics for Christmas stock!! So we shall be taking another drive back up to Lincoln tomorrow to collect it all (I will remember this time haha) and then the Christmas sewing can begin!

Now for the fabric photos!

 What a mess!

 Buttons and ribbons finally sorted out. Still a few jars of buttons to go but I shall get there!

Sewing room tour very soon, thanks for reading and see you all soon
Em xxx


  1. So sorry to hear you've had such a miserable summer but well done you for coming out the other side.

    Your fabric stash is amazing! I want mine to look like that! Look forward to seeing what you make with it all.

    Rhi x x

  2. Hi Em

    Sorry to hear that you had so many stressful events to get through - sometimes having them all at once actually does you a favour - you can deal with them all together.

    I am really looking forward to seeing piccies of your new house when you get everything sorted out!

    You have been missed - glad to see you back (don't forget to come on over to the forum soon xx)

    Ali x