02 August 2010

Day 20 Feature: Eiledon

Meet Eliedon!
This small business is ran by Jackie just outside of Sleaford in Lincolnshire (Just up the road from me, you need to pop round for a cuppa some time Jackie so I have someone to share my love for crafts with!!) Her business name is actually a gaelic type of heavenly place which is where Jackie feels she is whilst creating her jewellery and knitted accesories, which are so lovely!

Have you always been creative and how did your business started?

'I have been creating and making things for as long as I can remember. Both Grandmas and my mum are very creative people.  Friends and family would see something and ask me to make it for them and I guess it just started from there'

Jackie only started selling and set up her business properly in February when a friend asked her to do a jewellery party! She then set up her website using Mr Site website package and selling online, Jackie now has her Jewellery for sale in two shops. 

Please check out Jackie's items on her website as they are all so beautiful!!!

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