02 September 2010

Day 25 Feature: Mossley Modelmaker

 Meet Mossley Modelmaker
Meet Alan Tolfrey, the talented man behind this business. Based in Mossley, Greater Manchester. His work is amazing, I am still a little stunned after looking at his website and seeing how much talent he has. I was shocked, to say the least at how much his models look like the actual buildings and how much time and effort must go into each part of the models.
Photo's of the buildings to the left and Alan's work on the right!
Alan individually hand builds each model and told me he is inspired by buildings and meeting people, this has been his hobby for over 40 years!
Alan has only been set up as business as of January this year after getting
voluntary redundancy last September.
Have you always been creative and had creative jobs?   
'Well, I suppose I have always been creative. Started with model railways then work got me interested in Town Planning and Architecture and just went on from thee. My family were all creative'
What are your future plans for your business?   
I have enjoyed the last 6 months challenge of starting up this business - against so many people saying it wouldn't work. OK so I have to continually search for orders in the rather "niche" market while making the models (each can take up to a week to complete), but I love all the work it entails. Perhaps only managing 2 - 3 models a month (though I did manage 5 in July)! 

Good luck with your business Alan, your talent is amazing and I hope others appreciate your talent too! To see more of Alan's work check out the following links below-
Website: www.mossleymodelmaker.com   

All images seen on this blog have been taken from http://mossleymodelmaker.com/

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