03 September 2010

Day 27 Feature: VelvetVolcano

 Meet VelvetVolcano
 This quirky and stylish jewellery business is ran by Tamsyn, based in Cornwall. She has several collections and lines, which are all her own unique designs, her main line being crystal encrusted jewellery and accessories. Tamsyn is inspired by retro video games, glitter and gore!

Have you always been creative?
'I've always been creative, I've always been found pulling things apart to recraft them, sewing, drawing/painting etc. I did an art course in college but found it eventually sucked my creative energy so decided to continue with A-levels'

Tamsyn plans to expand her online business, to not just sell through facebook page but get her own website and start selling through that as an online store. If you'd like to see more of VelvetVolcano check out the links below!
Official Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/velvetvolcano.jewellery
Facebook Fan Page: http://www.facebook.com/velvetvolcano

 All photographs in this blog have been taken from
Miss Malice by Eleanor Edwards Photography.

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