17 September 2010


Ok so I've been away for 2 weeks on a holiday to get a little break from the sewing machine! Heres some holiday snaps for you all...

We stayed in a caravan, if you know me your'll realise me and caravans don't mix! (Ok so it was a static caravan all kitted out with a nice big TV, heaters, normal sized cooker etc but... I would rather be in a nice comfy bed in a hotel thank you!) So..Drama strikes within the first 3 hours of being there. I go to switch the last light off before bed and I see this tennis ball sized spider which was running for my hand.. so being the lovely girl I am I picked up my boyfriends trainer and killed it before it had a chance to attack me!!!
Remains of half the spider! (other half SPLAT on his shoe)
Just a quick photo of us on the beach!
Although I did enjoy myself by the end of the week and was rather sad to be leaving Wales behind and the caravan (I did not enjoy cleaning up the caravan at 7am before we left though!)

So whilst I enjoyed my weeks off I did miss the Sweet Cotton Threads dearly and was pining for my sewing machine after the first week. 
Since we got back I've been busy sewing, sewing and doing some more sewing! I've been trying out some new designs I've had drawn up for a while but figured I should probably wait until it got to September to start making Christmas items!
Oh and I also made this Memo Board for the lovely Jade when I go back on Sunday night...
Today will be filled with other blogs from me for you to read (mainly about Christmas and sneak peeks of our new items for it, Sweet Cotton Threads new website will be packed with Gingham, Reds, Greens and Patchwork! 


  1. Looks like you had a lovely holiday - your photos made me very jealous!!

    Glad you had a good time - hope the spiders weren't too bad after that first one (I don't have a problem with spiders but moths.... now there's another story!!)

    Good to have you back, I've missed your blogs...

    Ali x
    Ali's Craft Studio

  2. Hi Ali,
    Its good to be back blogging and working, I've missed it! Will be posting more blogs later today :) We had such a lush time, it was lovely but I couldn't cope with any of the bugs (EARWIGS! Ew, I forgot to mention that I took a shower with one and was nearly sick when I realised it had been there the whole time lol!) Hope your well :)
    Em x

  3. Your memo boards are awesome !!

    Even dead, that spider scares me =D