17 September 2010

New space to work in, winning fabrics and golden bowes.. SCT UPDATE TIME!

About time I updated you all properly about Sweet Cotton Threads now you all know about my holiday!
Well as soon as I got back from holidays I realise that the space I had been working in was getting to small so time to move to a bigger, brighter part of the house.. where better now the conservatory!
After years of the dining room being my beloved space to work in (since I was at school doing Art, my mum lost her dining room table lol!) I've now moved on in the crafting world so needed a new space to work in to go with it (if only I made enough money to have a proper studio, we will get there!)
So heres the new space...

It took me 2 whole days just to sort through fabrics I would use and then rest could go.. 
Mountains and Mountains of fabrics, this is just after 6 months of setting up business too hehe!!
But with my new found organisation skills the room is all set up with neat draws filled with my goodies to craft with...
I meant to tell you all about these before but had so many orders I didn't get chance to blog for a while, I got a bunch a freebies from Vista Print, including a table banner for craft fairs!
New sewing area!
I still have a few things to do like getting a big table in here so I don't have to cut out on the floor! Bad back is kicking in, getting old before my time having to sit on the floor half the day!
I will get more photo's for you all to see the FULL room finished soon!

OH! Exciting news! I won a competition from Patch Fabrics!
How beautiful are these fabrics!! Lucky old me!
My sister decided she'd like me to make her a Memo Board for work so I was kind and let her choose any fabric she'd like and she was in love with all the fabrics I won! 

I won't be around much this weekend as it is my Grandparents 50th Wedding Anniversary! So we've been getting lots of things done for that but will upload photos of things I am making for that (Buntings, bowes, A whole heap of stuff!)
Heres one bow that I've attempted, just a million more to go hehe!

Also I found this wonderful ladies items through another fellow crafter today and her work is AMAZING to say the least!
Real or fake?!
Check out Mary-Beths Originals facebook page to see more of her lush items!

Let me know what you think of the new room and I will give you all sneak peeks of Christmas items soon!
Love Em xxx


  1. Very impressive Em! Fancy coming round and helping me sort my space out?!? It's a mess lol! Hope your grandparents celebrations go well too! Jo x

  2. Mine was a state thats why I had to move out of the dining room haha too hard to keep on top of it in a tiny room! Thank you we are all busy making bowes whilst I'm trying to get some xmas stock made lol xx