27 October 2010

Christmas is driving me slightly crazy!

Hello all! 
I've been trying to get more and more Christmas stocking made and trying to do a million other things as once getting my orders done is getting harder, but I still manage to get them done and heres what I've been making this week...
A huge stocking for a little girl named Lillie May, I've made many items for her now but this is the sweetest one of all! I have also made a little fabric Christmas plaque with 'Santa Stop Here!' on it with green holly either side for the same family.

I'm thinking of added some Christmas Stock to my Folksy shop but wanted to get other's opinions on it first? Should I, shouldn't I.. Hmm let me know what you think!

I'm also taking Thursday until Sunday off this week to celebrate my birthday on Friday! Hopefully it will be a nice break before I come back to manic and mayhem to make lots more items for our first Christmas shopping evening on 12th November! Details will be up soon of the events we are doing over Christmas! We hope if many of you are in them areas you will pop along to see us!

Hope your all well and Christmas Crafting isn't making anyone crazy so far!!
Em xxx


  1. Great stocking, I am sure she is going to love it!

    Happy Birthday for Friday - hope you enjoy your well deserved break and have a great time on the day.

    Ali x

  2. oh I'm totally with you, this christmas rush is crazy, at least you've found time to blog !! keep going, it will all be worth it xxx