14 October 2010

New makes..

Hello everyone,
Just a quick update to show you what I've been busy making the yesterday...
Along with this bunting I made matching lavender hearts for this lovely little girl's bedroom...

And heres what I spent this morning doing..
Now just to sew all the layers together turn it inside out and hem the top edge! What do you all think of this one??

I also have a new logo and icons on the front page of my website!!
To see the icons please go to our website... www.sweetcottonthreads.co.uk 
Let me know what you all think of it!

Hope everyone is having a lovely day,
Em xxx


  1. Thank you, a lovely lad a went to college with has done it for me! I think it goes perfect with everything! Just need to sort my website out now!!

  2. Great job. I am thinking about making similar stuff for a craft fair in early December...wish me luck, I am going to need it!