27 January 2011

New 2011 Stock..

It's been a little while since I last had time to write a blog and now I have some free time as I've been rather lazy today and not got half of what I wanted to get done actually completed! Although I did finish off the small Valentines bunting I'l be putting up on the website tomorrow- I need to make some hearts to go along with the Valentines theme for the next two weeks!

Was still W.I.P at this stage (this is just so you can see the lettering much better!)
I couldn't get a very good photo in the lighting during the day so you need to enlarge the photo to see the 'i (heart) you' on the bunting- all lettering freehand by me on the machine.. first time in ages!
The past week I've had some orders which I'd like to share the completed items with you all now-
A cupcake apron made for the lovely Gemma! What do you all think?

LEXI bunting for the lovely Carlene at Pretty Princess Signs!

I will be adding lots of new stock to our website- www.sweetcottonthreads.co.uk so keep your eyes wide open for that!

Hope your all well and for those of you with business you've had a good start to 2011!

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