12 April 2011

About time..

I wrote a new post isn't it? Life seems to go so fast and I really don't know where time has gone since I last posted properly.. I've been hit by a rush of orders the last few weeks and with the good weather and my boyfriends 21st I've been non stop since March.
So, what have I been making?

Here's an apron I made for my boyfriends nephew who was in a school play...

I've been experimenting with new fabrics and styles...
A picnic cushion

An busy making orders...

I'll do a whole different blog post on all the Union Jack items I've been busy making for orders!

I'll be having a sale on our facebook page to clear out some items and make way for new ones which will be up when we get back from a two week holiday in the sun in May (don't worry I'll take lots of photos and do a massive blog post for you all!)
I'm thinking of having a blog sale for all my older books (in good condition as I buy them new most of the time, I end up reading them in a day!) that I've read- would anyone be interested?

I'll be doing another big post later this week so you won't have to miss us for so long this time!

1 comment:

  1. I would definitely be interested if you were to have a sale of books! Im always looking for good sewing books and if they come recommended, even better :)

    Thanks for such a lovely inspiring blog.

    x x