22 September 2011

Thank God For Thursday..

As Thursday is now my day off I'm starting a new blog project in the run up to Christmas...
This is week one of my Blog Project 'Thank God For Thursdays!' where I will pick up to 4 crafter's and let you know about their businesses, which I will pick out of my own favourites to share with you all. Each of these crafters have beautiful pages so let me give you a quick background on each of them...

Truly I Do
A beautiful wedding accessories page (sister site to Crafty Chics), everything from shoe clips to bridal tiara's. Charlie (brains behind these beautiful items) makes custom orders, so if your wedding is coming up or your part of a bridal party head over to this beautiful page to add a special touch to your big day.

You Mother Punker
Head over to this page if you have a warped sense of humor like I know a good few of us have and I'm not alone in laughing for a good while at these.. My personal favourite being '
I Still Think I Could've Done Better'... Card's sold on Esty so pop over to have a giggle along with the rest of us!

Dots and Spots
As the name says these beautiful designs are filled with colour, dots, spots and loveliness! Brightly coloured card designs, wrapping and even sticky tape. Any friend you give a gift wrapped with their paper is going to be a winner! Head over to their website to order.

Muddy Puddle Crafts
Wooden loveliness with splashes of bright colours you won't be able to resist having a nosey through all of their items! From wooden hearts to beautiful hand painted boxes. Great place to head if your wanted a personalised gift for a friend or even your children's teacher.

15 September 2011

Posting blogs whilst out and about!

Blogger have finally got an App for iPhones! Meaning you lovelies will be getting lots of updates as I can use my phone from now on!
Just short and sweet for now but will be updating again later today..
Em x

06 September 2011

Christmas is coming..

Welcome to the winter wonderland blog!
So it's cold outside and I'm swopping the flip flops for my UGGs, winter is finally on its way and that mean's theres a few months till Christmas. I know many of you are early Christmas shoppers so I've got some new stock made for our winter collection including vintage and floral style stockings..
Please share this blog post with all your friends and family as all these items are available to buy or custom order right now! The order book is open and I can't wait to get started with custom Christmas orders.. we also do personalisation on any item you'd like so let us know if you'd like a family name on your bunting or a name on a stocking!

See you all very soon! Enjoy the photos and remember to SHARE!

01 September 2011

Time flys by..

As this blog is about my life as well as business I thought I'd share my summer with you all...
With the whole of our summer flown by a lot has happened, unfortunately a lot of bad BUT a few good times thrown in there too. As many of you know we went on holiday in May, since coming back from our amazing time away a lot of bad news came our way. I took a lot of time away from Sweet Cotton Threads as everything was too hectic at home running backwards and forwards between looking for new homes and my Grandad ill in hospital, without keep orders up to date which I knew I couldn't juggle too. In the time we we're closed we had a family death and we moved! Two of the most stressful moments in our lives, both of which I had never experienced before. My Grandad passed away in early July from Cancer and then two weeks later we moved. I just want all our loyal like's and customers to know that I did have good reason for closing (I wish it was for spending the whole summer on a beach). I know a lot of people appreciate others honesty in situations like these. But everything is slowly getting back to 'normal' and we are settling in our new home!

I've been busy this week with sorting through my fabrics (properly) and took a few snaps along the way so you lovelies could see too!! I even made my poor boyfriend drive 2 hours back home so we could pick up yet more fabric last weekend...  we arrived back home on Monday night with a car filled with food and washed + ironed clothes (thank you Mum and Dad!!), missing the fabrics for Christmas stock!! So we shall be taking another drive back up to Lincoln tomorrow to collect it all (I will remember this time haha) and then the Christmas sewing can begin!

Now for the fabric photos!

 What a mess!

 Buttons and ribbons finally sorted out. Still a few jars of buttons to go but I shall get there!

Sewing room tour very soon, thanks for reading and see you all soon
Em xxx

26 August 2011

And the WINNER is..

'Mummy Webster' AKA Natalie!
Mummy Webster said...
  'I would have my stockings you already made me hung up with matching miniature ones for the tree, a noticeboard for all my cards, bunting hung round all the walls and banisters :) x'


Thank you for ALL your entries and for the Christmas ideas, we shall have our Christmas stock back up next week so keep an eye out!

If Natalie could get in touch by emailing or writing on our facebook ASAP I will get your custom bunting order sorted for you :)

Catch up very soon with you all...

19 August 2011

2000 makes it competition time!

We finally reached 2000 likers.. and now we're nearly at 2100 within a few days of hitting our target :) Now time for a little competition!

I want you all to enter our competition by telling us how you would decorate your house for the Christmas season with Sweet Cotton Thread's items, if money was no object and you could have it exactly how you liked it- custom items an all!
To enter, simply comment below or pop us your comment to our email  (we would use facebook if it didn't run the risk of loosing your page and liker's over just a competition, with no warning!)

On Thursday evening (25th August) we shall close the competition and get the winner (picked at random) announced on Friday!

So what is your prize for entering (oh and making sure you spread the word of Sweet Cotton Threads competition too! hehe)...
You will get your very own custom made 2 metre bunting set from up to three of the fabrics below..

We can put together a mix match of fabrics until your happy with your design!
I will include ribbons and buttons of your choice onto the bunting once put together.

I hope all your lovely liker's out there enter from our facebook page and everyone who follows our blog too!

Good luck and speak to you all on FRIDAY!

03 August 2011


After a long while away,  I've been making some new items but need to make space for them so I'm having a SCT SUMMER SALE!
It will be on our facebook page starting this evening!
Please help spread the word and check out our blog for new posts coming soon!