21 June 2010

Setting up for fairs!

How I prepared for my very first craft fair!

Well for me, it always had to start with fabric, I already had stock I knew that I wanted to take with me to  fair but didn't know how much I'd need so too much is always better than too little, right? So along I toddle off to my favorite fabric shop and get more fabric and ribbon supplies!

So I've got my stock sorted, I now had to think about the display of my table. I got my very lovely boyfriend (he's a carpenter, much safer him doing it than me attempting to even get near a drill, everyone around would fear for my life and theirs! I'm dangerous with any equipment) to knock together this wooden stand thing? So I could put fabric over it and make it look more attractive than wood with massive screws coming through it! So I had that to place my Notice Boards against and pin items to! Big success whilst at the fair, helped everything display much nicer!

Ahh, the price tags. Well I thought it would look nice if everything was the same font and everyone could actually see the prices, I spent a total of 4 hours making these, typing out all the prices and descriptions, then laminiating them all, oh and then cutting and punch holing them all, hmm! Doesn't really sound worth it does it? But I will be using them at other craft fairs so it saved time in the long run I suppose!

So heres all the photos of the new items I took to fair with me seen as I already had enough stock!
Which of SCT new items do you like the most? Let us know, we are always wanting to improve in any way we can :)!

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  1. Well done Em, the first is always the hardest! Although not sure you ever stop trying to change and improve things. I'm sure your stall will change many a time as each fair approaches!