22 June 2010

New items! Some are finished and ready for selling but others are just mock ups or in progress piece :)!
Hope you all enjoy, please comment below and give us your thoughts!!

Both photos above are 2 1/2 metre bunting, cute patchwork bunting finished with buttons!

Reusable gift bags, this bag inlcudes: Recipe, cake mix and a wooden spoon :)!
Can be made in bulk orders for parties! £4.99 per bag

Picnic blanket is finally finished! Price: £18.99
Contact us at mail@sweetcottonthreads.co.uk if your interested!

Union Jack bunting, not finished yet but once again contact if your interested!

Oh and we've been making place mats for picnics, this one obviously isn't finished yet, needs more buttons and a good iron! But they are very cute! We were thinking this could be turned into a lightweight picnic cushion too :)!

Let us know what you all think! 
Lots of Love,
The Sweet Cotton Threads Team!

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