23 June 2010

Mystery Guest?!

Sorry its taken a while to get round to writing this blog but I've been a busy bee making new orders! Yay for orders! So last week we had a mystery guest joining us at Sweet Cotton Threads! So who was it?!
He is my best friend and came all the way up from Wales to spent the week here in Lincoln! I had him joining in, making some new SCT items and he had a go at sewing himself, which I have to say was very good considering he's not had any practice! He's doing a BA in Art History, so he is a very creative person anyway and we got a lot of help from him here at SCT last week, so a big THANKYOU to Jack for helping me out a lot and putting up with me in my messy studio!!!

Jack LOVES to organise things and have them in colour order, which is where we differ... I'm the complete opposite and anyone who saw my studio would think it had never been cleared up in the last year, but I promise I do have a weekly session of clearing up and chucking away all the rubbish!

Oh and I have even more new items to show you lovely people!

Hows it looking now its finished? Let us know your thoughts in comments below!
Love Em

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