28 June 2010

Wanna be featured in our blog?

This week I want to do a blog everyday or every other day on other companies and businesses who I feel deserve a mention. When I first started out a few month ago I never imagined I would get to know so many kind hearted people here on the internet and at craft fairs. It's made me realise there really are some genuinely lovely people out there! I've had a life times worth of help with my business and I couldn't of done it all without so many of you supporting me along the way. So lets get on with todays SCT Star...

Meet Unique Beaded Gems
UBG's is run by Jo. She has to be one of the kindest people I know, with nothing but help, encouragement and advice from her since the start of my big business adventure. When I first emailed her just asking for some advice (as I saw she also had designed a 'Mr Site' website too) she had nothing but kind words and support to give me. Her items really are unique and are all beautifully made. Jo creates pieces you would never see in a high street shop, they are all reasonably priced and I believe her business deserves to be heard about!

'Pink Shell with CFW Pearls on Sterling Silver wires'- how cute!

How beautiful is this ring! I love the marbled purple and whites in this piece.

I love these bracelets, all the colours and tones are perfect for a soft summer look.

Please go and visit Jo's facebook page and website, let her know how beautiful her items really are!
Here are all of her links-
Facebook- http://www.facebook.com/pages/Unique-Beaded-Gems/263472909436

Please let Jo know how wonderful her business is and how beautiful her items are!!

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  1. ohhh they are lovely. I love the ring too. Love your makes too.
    Sam x

  2. Thanks Em for highlighting me in your blog!! I couldn't have chosen a better selection of my pieces than you did! You are a star!! Jo xxx