29 June 2010

Day 2 Feature: Craft Chics

Meet Crafty Chics
(love the name!)
Their items are all handmade and have a vintage inspired feel to them. They specialise in Headbands, Hair Combs, Bobby Pins, Tiaras, along with stylish shoulder pads! All of which are adorable!

The cutest handmade headband I've ever seen! Ice cream design, perfect for summer!

This would be perfect to wear anytime of summer with a simple dress.

There's nothing better than a big old bow is there!

Charlie at Crafty Chics is a great chat so you should all go join their facebook page just to have a chance to chat with someone else who's in the craft world! We recently sold Union Jack bunting to them so we hope that their craft fairs went well this past weekend with the new addition to the decor of your craft table!

Crafty Chic Links-
Facebook- http://www.facebook.com/pages/Crafty-Chics/298418904361?v=info#!/pages/Crafty-Chics/298418904361?v=wall

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