30 June 2010

Day 3 Feature: Muddy Puddle Crafts

Meet Muddy Puddle Crafts!
So who are Muddy Puddle Crafts? Well it's a small business run by Jo Williams, a busy mum of 2 based in Herefordshire (funny that because I lived in Hereford for a month to go to their Art and Design College, hated it and am now back home running my own business lol, I couldn't handle the fields, anyways back to Jo's story!) 15 years have past since Jo gratuated with a degree in Textile & Surface Pattern Design (once again very funny because that the exact same degree I went to study, but I'm a failure and didn't really want to be there!) Her handmade items really are adorable and she deserves a lot of credit for her pieces.

I love these boxes, they just ooze that homemade feel to them don't they!

When I get my own place, I am definitely having these on every door, I don't know about your guys but my fave is 'The Loo x' one hehe!

I love these Doodle sets, if only my mum had of bought my these when I was little!

Items available to buy from the following- 


  1. thankyou for featuring me and all your kind words !!!! big hugs xxx

  2. your more than welcome Jo, you deserve credit for your hard work!!! xxx