30 June 2010

What about us?

Hey everyone,
We've been blogging all about others but what about us! Well we've been busy getting ready for a string of craft fairs we have coming up including one tonight! We will have photo's of it all tomorrow along with another feature.
This feature challenge will only last for 30 days, in which, I.. Em owner and designer at Sweet Cotton Threads will be blogging about others and their achievements, I will try to get one a day up but may have 2 some days so happy reading!!
Love Em xxx

Here's the photos of our stall from tonight :)! What do you guys think? Leave comments below :)!

The fair went better than expected, sold plenty!! Had a good night with hopefully lots of new orders.  The table wasn't as wide as I was expecting so it was a tight squeeze but manage to get lots of my stuff out. Hope you enjoy!

Love Em xxx

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