13 July 2010

Day 15 Feature: Minxy Bags

Meet Minxy Bags!
This is a small business ran by Cécile in East Sussex. Her designs are beautiful and she makes limited series of hangbags and accesories. She uses a mixture of vintage and contemporary fabrics. I've been reading her blog since I got the email for this feature blog, it is a great read if you are a crafty person like myself and I love love lovee Cécile's passion for her new items! 
Laura Ashley cotton fabric with green, pink and red flower print
Available on the website for only 17.50 right now!
Cécile's inspiration comes from a long list of designers including Christian Lacroix, Vivienne Westwood, Christian Dior (in the 40’s, 50’s), JP Gaultier, John Galliano and Alexander Mc Queen.
Have you always been creative Cécile
Oh yes, I have always spent hours drawing and painting since I’m a kid. I have been sewing since my Degree, I believe it’s in my genes as my grandmother and aunt were both seamstresses. Unfortunately, after studies I had other priorities and like many of us, I had to work to live! But the passion never went away.

What are your future plans for your business? 

I am working on my business to grow and I have started approaching shops so hopefully one will be happy to take my creations on board! I am also planning for the end of the year or the next to do a trade fair. And of course, keep on creating and sewing!

Cécile has a great passion for her items and now even has a 50% off sale on all her bag on the website, so if you like a good bargain I would go check them out! I wish you the best of luck Cécile and I hope you get a Facebook Fan page for your business soon so many more can see your beautiful items!!

All photographs used in this feature were taken from www.minxybags.co.uk

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  1. Gorgeous bags!! Will definitely be paying them a visit! Thanks Em!! Jo x