18 July 2010

Day 16 'Get to know' Feature: Suffolk Sewing School

Get to know: The Suffolk Sewing School!
The Suffolk Sewing School is ran by Ann Haughton (photographed above with a lovely puppy,Molly). Suffolk sewing school is based in the heart of rural Suffolk in a beautiful village called Hartest. Hartest is exactly inbetween Bury St Edmunds and Sudbury just off of the A134.
Ann provides sewing tuition for all levels and abilities. Offering one to one tuition for soft furnishing, dressmaking, bag making, quilting, how to use and buy sewing machines and overlockers.

So how did you get started Ann?
'The sewing school was established as a business in October 2008 although I had been providing sewing tuition informally for the previous 2 years.  At the time I was taking commissions for soft furnishings and simply became far to busy to accommodate any more business.  So when a friend asked me to make a pair of curtains for her instead of turning the business away I suggested that we make them together.  Quite simply this was the start of Suffolk Sewing School'

Have you always been creative Ann?

'I’ve always been passionate about fabrics and I love sewing machines.  I’ve had a mixture of jobs from nursing to managing and working in Sewing machine outlets in London to medical sales.  Now I feel like I have come home to my roots with the sewing school'
What are the most popular courses at the Sewing School?
'The most requested courses are the ‘how to use’ courses, either Overlockers or Sewing Machines.  These are fundamental to making good items.  My students leave understanding how their machine works, astounded at what it can do, with a good knowledge about the importance of using the correct needle for the fabric and raring to get started'

What's the future plans for Suffolk's Sewing School?
'I am currently amalgamating the Sewing School website with my fabric and haberdashery website.  There is a temporary link being implemented at the moment whilst we import the data across. I hope to continue to grow the school and provide good quality haberdashery and soft furnishing fabric as well on the one site. I stock the Vanessa Arbuthnott range of fabrics for soft furnishings and I hope to focus on promoting these more'

I wish you the best of luck with your future plans for the Sewing School Ann and your doing a great job with helping people be more creative and expanding their talents! 

Check out the courses available now at the website and all of the following Sewing School's links-
Blog: www.blog.suffolksewingschool.co.uk
Twitter: @suffolksewingsc
Facebook: suffolksewingschool

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