06 July 2010

Day 9 Feature: The Sewing Directory

 Meet The Sewing Directory!

The Sewing Directory is run by Fiona Pullen and is an online directory for sewing businesses throughout the UK from suppliers to sewing groups! Its a great website and I myself am registered on it and Fiona does a great job running it all by herself! She came up with the idea for the business whilst working for her mum (who runs three sewing businesses) creating her website. Fiona spent a whole 6 months researching and planning for the business, finally launching the website March of this year! 

Who's your inspiration?
'Definitely my mum. She has run several businesses over the years and is a true entrepreneur.  She taught me that you don't just have to do a boring 9-5 desk job, that if the perfect job isn't out there you can make it yourself!
I am also very in awe of Kerrie Allman (owner of KAL Media who publish Sew Hip, Yarn Forward and Inside Crochet) who I interviewed recently on my site.  She somehow manages to run 3 businesses and look after 4 children, the youngest of which is still a baby. I don't know how she does it!'

Have you always been creative and had creative jobs?
'I've always been creative, I was very into art when I was younger.  I have always dreamt of being a writer, my brain is full of so many ideas I just want to get them all out! I have never really had a creative job before though.  I went the academic route, got a law degree and worked in the legal department of a firm of loss adjusters for years.  It was only when I has my son and was at home all day that I really had time to think about what I wanted to do'

Fiona has big plans for the future with her online business and believes it can expand into other craft and hobby related areas.
If your reading this and your a craft business please go check out their website as it leads to great oppotunities and a lot more people will get to see your items and businesses!

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