06 July 2010

Day 9 Feature: Soap Angels

 Meet Soap Angels
Soap Angels are based in Hull, East Yorkshire. They make a range of beautifully crafted gift soaps. They have recently started to make bath bombs and truffles, which are all avaiable on their website! 
Lovely bath truffles! They look good enought to eat!!
 Soap Angels have only been running for around 3 months now but so to be a big hit on their facebook page!
I really couldn't get over the detail in some of Soap Angel's soaps, when I stumbled across their website! I am a big Lush fan and I would highly recommend these soaps and bath products over theirs any day, they are affordable and look so beautiful you'd never want to wash with them!!
A perfect example of how much detail their is on some of Soap Angels works of art!
So if your a Lush fan but don't like the price tag of their product go check out Soap Angels website and facebook page! 

Please go check out Soap Angels links-
Website www.soapangels.co.uk
Blog http://soapangelsblogspot.com
Twitter http://twitter.com/soapangels
Etsy http://www.etsy.com/shop/hels1.

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