03 July 2010

Day 7 Feature: The Wellington Boot

Meet The Wellington Boot
An online business founded and ran by Fern, based in Lancashire. She makes earrings and necklace, starting off on ebay and making her way up to having a website and now selling on Esty too! Fern has always enjoyed making things and enjoyed her years at uni where she got to make dentures and crowns (she did Dental Technology!). 
Have you always been creative Fern?
'Yup, always creative, always designing inventions of bits of paper left around the house, make things out of cardboard, design tech was always my favourite subject by a mile, and then I did a practical degree. I'm definitely a creative person and always have been'
And what are your future plans for your business?
Well, I would like to introduce different styles and price points of jewellery, and then perhaps branch out into bags, purses and cards in the future.

  A beauitful piece named 'Flutterly'

All of The Wellington Boots pieces are beautiful and are all well made with love! If you'd like to see Fern's pieces please go to the following links-

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