29 November 2010

Hello my lovelies- November Update!

Sooo, since I blogged last I've been none stop with orders and fairs! I've been to Birmingham for one and to Sheffield (in the snow.. drama drama drama!!) now just the Kirton in Lindsey one to go!

My dear best and oldest friend helped me out for the Sheffield event- thank you so so so much Kerry (your the best!!). We got up at 6am (well I was wide away from 4.30am when I started to weep a little as I looked out the window and saw SNOW! Not just a little.. ALOT! So we were on the road for 6.45am and made our way there slowly whilst driving in the snow at one point (may I add I do not drive and to be honest I was truly thankful it was not me driving as we would never have got there!!) We got there in plenty of time to set up and get the car parked for the day! Even though we had around 1.5 hours to set up I still managed to be unorganised and not get my table done in time.. but what can I say I like to make things to be just so! 
Sorry for the bad photo... I managed to get my thumb covering half the photo's!
We moved the table around a lot during the day as we we're starting to sell the Memo Boards fast so ended up putting the basket from the floor on to the table which made our stand look much better!!
Caught Kerry on camera!
Other end of our table- caught you again Kerry!
The day ended well despite the snow- we had a good time and made some money whilst having fun!

I'm putting more than 50 items (Pre Christmas and Christmas items) up on our facebook page for a BUY NOW shop! There will be ready made items including some of these...

I hope you all enjoy our little discounts on some items and pop along to our facebook page to check them out!

Will update sooner next time!
Love Em xxx

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