14 November 2010

First Christmas Stall!

Ahh! What was I really panicking about for the past week for?! Friday came and I was so excited to show off some of our new makes to the public! I attended the St Mary's Ladies Pamper Evening, which was a really good night! Lots of people commented on how lovely our items were and we got to show them off finally in person! 

I did end up moving it all around before everyone started coming in but didn't manage to get any photos! Lots of other stalls had Christmas items but ours were very bright compared to theirs! So what do you all think?

Our items went down very well with all the ladies who attended, its lovely for people to see your items in person and realise how much time and effort has gone into them and that you really can't get anything as lovely on the high street! 

Leave lots of comments on what you think of our Christmas items please!!
Em xxx

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