09 November 2010


I've been MIA for about a week now! You may have seen a few update on facebook and a few sneaky photos but I just haven't been able to sit down and write a blog.
So where have I been? Well I've been trapped in my work space for more than 6-8 hours at a time and then I've only come out for a quick cup of coffee and off to back to sewing I go! I've had more orders than I expected of Christmas items, way more! So whilst I've been making them I've had time to squeeze in  a few more items for the shopping evening which is this Friday night!!
Here's a few things I made quickly this morning to fill up my stock box for the fairs...
A blue spotty stocking! 
A floral fabric stocking :)
A few mini cards to go onto our Christmas card holders

And here's a cute pair of stockings I did for a family friend...
Padded, patchwork stockings, they turned out really well (sorry for the rubbish photo- a long story short I'm using my iPhone to take photos due to loosing my camera cable.. somewhere?!)

I hope you all like the recent makes, leave comments below to let us know! 

As I was ready to start working on some custom orders on Sunday I got a phone call from my Nana, asking if I'd go to hers for an hour to help her bake some cakes.. who can honestly turn there Nana away?! So I go up there thinking ah just an hour then I can get on with making stockings...
Several hours and cakes later I'm exhausted and come home to have a nap and got no orders made! 

I will be sure to take lots of photos on Friday night of our first Christmas stall and put them up on Saturday for you all to have a peek at what we were selling!

12th November- Ladies Shopping Evening at St Marys Pre School, Lincoln (7.30- 9.30pm)
21st November- Christmas Stall at QAC, Birmingham (10.30am- 4pm)
27th November- Christmas Stall at Crucible Theatre (10.30am- 4pm)
4th November- Christmas Market at Kirton in Lindsey (Times to be added)

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