15 December 2010

So much time, so little to do.. wait, reverse that!

Good evening!
Well preparations for Christmas are well under way in this household... no we don't have our Christmas tree up yet or any decorations but I'm getting there with the gifts!
I decided this year that I'd make both of our families their Christmas gifts and I love love love baking, along with sewing obviously! So on my planning list is truffles, cookies, gingerbread and lots of other treats! For the kids in the family I've done a sweetie jar for each of them to go with their big presents...

First I bought Jars and sterilised them...

Next job was to add sweeties, lots and lots of sweeties- making sure to steal one or two from the bags as I go...
Finishing touches...
Decorated with the tags.. but the jar didn't look so girlie...
A few dots later of pearl paint and it's looking much better!
Two jars down..
Two more jars down..
TA DA! All 4 of my sweetie jars finished.. now just a few more jars to go (8 more big jars, 2 small ones and a whole load of baking and cooking.. along with a messy kitchen to go!)

I've also decided to make some candles, but seen as they take overnight to set I've only got 2 made so far, but need to add finishing touches but here we go...
In their moulds.. one green, one red!
Finished candles! Well they still need decorating but you get the idea, don't you?

Is anyone else trying to juggle running a business and attempting to make all your gifts this year?? Let me know how your coping with Christmas shopping and preparing for the BIG DAY!
I hope all is well with everyone who reads this (does anyone read it?)
Love Em xxx


  1. Wow, Em I am really impressed!

    I planned to make presents this year but didn't get very far! Hopefully next year I will start planning earlier...

    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas - I am sure your family will really love their presents, especially as they are made with such love and care.

    Ali x

  2. Hello Ali, I'm so sorry I've only just seen this comment! The presents went down lovely with everyone, including the kids! I hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Year! Best wishes for 2011 to you and your business!
    Em x x x