02 January 2011


WOW! How fast does the year go? This time last year I was making the odd fabric item here and there for family an friends now I have my own business doing it full time and its not just my mum buying the items!

I've had a good two/three weeks off to spend time with family and friends whilst everyone's been home, but I've also been away to fix the website up a little and decide what direction Sweet Cotton Threads should go. I have decided (this decision is based on other business owners loosing facebook pages and that a lot will be changing for me this year-hopefully) that I won't be selling on facebook photo albums, I never really intended to sell through there to start with but it became a lot easier to upload a photo to facebook whilst trying to juggle everything else in the first year of setting up business.

This year I will be selling through our website and Folksy (I may add a tab to our facebook page for a shop as I had before but nobody took interest so I removed it- what do you think?). Not to worry I will still be taking custom orders through facebook and putting up photo albums of items on our website- this way if you have a question about an item you can still ask me. All you'll have to do now is it go through our website to buy items- its all the same, all through paypal as I would of done if you'd of bought from us via facebook. I will also be adding new items and ranges to our website to get it a lot more active again.
I hope this hasn't confused anyone reading- if you do have any questions about how to buy or order from us just comment below or mail me at mail@sweetcottonthreads.co.uk

How did everyone celebrate New Year 2010- I was tucked up in bed half asleep feeling rather rough due to flu! Lovely haha- cheer me up with your stories below x
I wish everyone the best of luck for 2011,
lots of love, Em x x x

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