13 January 2011

Dear LIKER'S & SUPPORTERS of Sweet Cotton Threads.. PLEASE READ!

The last month seems to have gone past so quickly- 2011 always seemed so long away but now its here and its been a good start to the New Year for me and the business!

To update you all with my plans for 2011...
This year brings a lot of changes to my personal life and business. 
As of June/July this year I will be living in a new town, moving out of home and will starting college all over again after a 2 year gap away from education in September. I'm only 20 and I really love my sewing so this is why I plan to keep my business running whilst at college. I'm going back to college to train in hairdressing (I felt REALLY old at my interview on Wednesday night, whilst everyone else in the room was 15 and still at school!) as I've always wanted to and feel its the right time to do it in my life. It is only 3 days a week so my here my plan of action as of September- I'll keep selling through the website and maybe Folksy (not too sure about Folksy yet- what do you all think of it? Do you buy or sell on there??) and then do custom orders on weekends- does this sound good to all you lovely customers out there? I really need feedback and would love it if a lot of you could leave me some comments below with your opinions (I need advice please!).

I've spent the last week doing up the website and today got this blog sorted! It needed a new look to go with the new look to the website- what do you guys think? A sneak peek of the website before I launch it live again tomorrow-

And I have a few SALE items up for grabs on the website-

This blog is full of sneak peaks today isn't it! Tomorrow I will be doing a giveaway for all my lovely customers from December 2010! So all those of you who bought from us then- you may win some goodies- I'll put up a photo of the goodies with the winners name and photos of the name being drawn (maybe even a video?!)- Good Luck all of you!

I'm going to finish the website now so hopefully lots of you will comment below and I will talk to you all soon!

PS! What do you all think to my new ending for the blogs?!


  1. Love, love, love it chick, well done, am excited to see your new items :) x

  2. Thank you :)! Ahh I'm sure your'll love all our new items too! Making valentines bunting and aprons this weekend so lots to get done :)! x