21 March 2011

1st Anniversary..

I can't believe I've made it through a whole year in business!
(It's a cake- well it was for my boyfriends birthday this month last year, but we can pretend for this blog that it's to celebrate a year of being self employed and in business!)

I am so proud of what I have achieved in one year.. from starting out a little adventure making Memo Boards alone to move on and within a few short months have all these items created-
Bags, cushions, aprons, blankets, hanging hearts, not forgetting memo boards! And the ideas keep rolling and getting better (well I think they have, what do you guys think?)
A whole new world of sewing had been opening up to me and I am so grateful to everyone who has helped me through the past year of business- from my dad who helped me set up all my business accounts and came along with me to the bank to open a 'Business Account'... to my brilliant boyfriend, Nic who spends his weekend's off with me bossing him about asking for him to cut this shape out of wood for a new design (we even managed to draw and cut a tree at Christmas time, but he did all the hard work and then I couldn't even figure out a way to get the fabric to cover it haha!)
Thank you to my best friends- Lizzi, Jack and Kerry for being so supportive friends I could wish for and helping me out so much!
(Jack just likes to help when he visits so he can organise everything/ everywhere for me haha)

To all my customers and supporters-
I wouldn't keep doing this everyday if I didn't have the lovely customers I do! So a big thank you for all of your lovely comments, for placing orders and your photos once you have your orders..
Very first cushions I made and sold to my very FIRST customer :)

So to celebrate this week we will be having lots of giveaways and discounts..
If you haven't already check out our 20% off Folksy shop and our Facebook/ Blog sale!

Lots more blogs to come this week!


  1. Well done on one year! Many more to come xx

  2. Congratulations Em on a great first year! Hope you continue to go from strength to strength!

    - And Happy belated Birthday to your boyfriend too!! -

    Ali x
    Ali's Craft Studio

  3. Thank you for both your comments :) All of you have been very supportive, its really lovely and helped me a lot! Thanks Ali- its his 21st in 2 weeks so really I could of taken a photo of the 21st cake I'm baking him but oh well lol! xx