13 March 2011

Sunday makes!

I have a really long blog post I'm working on which takes you through the first year of my business, but in the mean while I'll update you all with what I've been making today!
So I had a few enquiries regarding Patchwork Quilts and Blankets.. at first I was thinking ahh the time they take to make and cost of materials, and the cutting of squares.. once I got everything together I have to say I haven't had such a good day making something in a long while! It was all so fun and exiting just guessing what to do along the way haha (I had a rough idea but winged it most of the time!)
So heres a few photos to show you the making of my sample patchwork blanket!
All the patchwork laid out ready to be sew together..

The squares up close once they'd been sewn..

I added a pink boarder, the same fabric is to back the blanket too..

Ready to be ironed!

All ironed flat- now for the backing fabric!

Ta-daaa! What do you all think of it? 

One more photo just because my cat is super cute...
She decided that actually she needed the sandwich more than me and stole it from my very plate- getting very cheeky in her old age! (She's 15!!) I also find that she left just the crust very amusing too! 

I hope your all well and are still sticking around reading my blogs even though I haven't done one in more than two weeks!!


  1. lovely & bright mix of fabrics & the border really sets it off, did u really do that in a day? very impressive! x

  2. Thank you :) Yeah I made it in 2 and 1/2 hours! I had attempted one about 2 years ago so I had a rough idea, its not perfect but was only a sample :) x