17 June 2011

How does time just fly by...

I have been making lots of new items as well as being on the hunt for a new place to live! So for the past month we've been rather busy getting SCT's set up for the summer months! We're now taking lots of orders for bunting, a few snaps of the bunting..

All bunting above is our Small sized template (perfect for kids rooms, cots and doors)
A custom order bunting for a little boys room, made using our Regular sized template

I'm working on searching for my camera as I type as I just don't know where I've put it so as soon as I find it there will be photos up on our website and our facebook shop!

1 comment:

  1. How fab! I've literally just posted on my blog about your lovely bunting!

    Hope you find your camera soon (I HATE losing things - drives me crazy!)

    Rhi x