23 May 2011

Holidays and a general chit chat..

Nearly 6 weeks since my last blog definitely means I've been busy.. oh and had a pretty relaxing holiday too!! I was busy making orders and items right up until a few days before we left for our two week holiday away in the sun, which I'll be sharing photos of in a bit!
I'm getting slowly back into the daily routine and opened our order book again! Life has been a bit hectic these last few months with applying to college and getting ready to move so our holiday came at the right time and I hope you can all understand how it can be at times with running a business on top.
Are we ready to see some holiday snaps?
 View from plane
 View from our room!
Yes, that's right we came back to our beautiful room after dinner one night to find this beast, which I ran to the bed screaming for someone to catch it hahaha!
Just a snap for giggles as my boyfriend got pulled up on stage by a drag act- best entertainment!
A market stall in El Jem

At the top of El Jem Colosseum
And finally- the beach at our hotel

I hope you all enjoyed these few snaps from our holibobs! I will update with new items soon and get all the SCT online stores open again this week!


  1. Your holiday looks amazing! Makes me want to book one right now :)

    Glad you're back, have missed your blog posts!

    Rhi x

  2. Looks like a fab holiday! Lovely Photo's! xx