09 July 2010

Day 12 Feature: Vintage Chic

 Meet Vintage Chic!
This small business has only been up and running for 9 months in the form of an online shop. The business is ran by Jackie, based in Essex. She makes vintage inspired handbags and jewllery, which are to die for!! I love them and can not get enough of all her pieces, if only I had all the money in the world!! Jackie started out her business with just handbags and has grown to develop her skills to offer us all beautiful vintage keepsake boxes and furniture.
Jackie told me how she wanted to sew like her mother and grandmother, so she started off with a few projects.
'Since doing an English degree, everything became academic, whilst I have always felt myself to be an artistic person so these projects helped me to stay creative. But soon enough I caught the crafting bug and its what I absolutely love to do now'

So Jackie what are the future plans for your little business?
I want to start making more vintage boxes and ornaments, as well as hopefully getting my own little boutique opened one day. 
But for the meantime, I will just keep filling up my online shop.

If you want to buy any of Jackies items, check out the following links:


  1. Thanks for such a lovely feature!! Let me know if I can repay the favour :)

    Jackie xx

  2. Ah so glad you like Jackie! Hope you get lots of new fans from it xxx