14 August 2010

August Sweet Cotton Threads update to make it up to you all...

I'm so sorry to all you out there that may read my blogs! (Does anyone bother to read anything I babble on about?!) I said when I started this new blog for Sweet Cotton Threads I wouldn't let anything get in the way of my '30 day feature challenge' and I would blog everyday (I thought I was superwoman!)... but when your trying to run a business on your own and your taking and making several orders a day by 11pm (especially when you've been up since 7am) the last thing you want to do is come on here and write a blog.. sadly my bed awaits me to curl up and snore my head of for the next 8 hours haha!
Anyway lets move on to a Sweet Cotton Threads update shall we!
So this past week alone I've made the following items-
The photo above includes-
4 large stuffed lavender love heart door hangers
1 large storage bag (Peppa Pig! Perfect for kids rooms to keep their toys out the way!)
8 PE kit bags
1 bedroom storage bag
3 Peg Bags
AND a bunch of orders hehe! Which has actually been fun and I've really enjoyed this past week..
 I made these cute little PE Kit Bags for a lovely lady named Helen, who has order from me before and I hope she is just as happy with these items as she was the last lot! (A future order I have from her is Kid's Aprons for her little girls for Christmas!)

BIG NEWS! I've opened a Folksy shop!! I finally went for it after asking lots of people wether to do it or not and decided it would be worth it, especially as I am selling off the summer stock I have left over, so please go check out my Folksy Shop (I will write another blog when I have my SUMMER SALE on it!) Sweet Cotton Threads Folksy Shop!<-- Link for you to go check out some rather cute items which you can't buy from us anywhere else!

Let's see some photo's of the items I've been making then (up close photos)
Who loves the first ever peg bag I made this week? I think it's adorable! I love love love this material but only had enough left to make this sadly, may have to go buy some more as it is beautiful!
 I thought these smaller bags with elasticated tops would be cute as nursery school bags, just something small for a little one to carry their toys in or even thought it could be used as a peg bag!

 A pink spotty Peg Bag.. let me know what you think!!
 A large lavender stuffed love heart, perfect to hang on bed knobs or door knobs
 A girly PE Bag, perfect to have for the kids to start their new school year with!
I made this whilst thinking I had nowhere to keep my perfumes without them getting in my way or me knocking them over, a perfect little bag to pop onto your bedside table to keep little things in!
Also this week I forgot to mention I went FABRIC SHOPPING! For a whole day! I was so excited to find all these new materials and fabrics! Which now explains why I have more new stock!
Sweet Cotton Threads did a craft fair last Saturday so heres some photos of the day...

Ha ha, I got you Lizzi with my great camera skills!

Do you all like the new tags we did for this craft fair? (Yes that right they have changed EVERY time we've done a craft fair now hehe! We just love making new tags!!!)

Now I must get on and continue with our '30 day feature challenge' as I have so many people to get featured before the 30 days is up! Once it is over I am doing a monthly feature blog were I just feature people I've found either at craft fairs or on the net!

I hope you all enjoy reading my blog, hope your all still reading and haven't fallen asleep by now!  
Lots of love,
Em xxx


  1. This is fab Em hun but it looks like I need to teach you how to do a live link though. I'll message you through FB if you like.
    Take care hun
    Sam x

  2. Hi Sam, yes please do!! As I don't know what that is haha! Em x

  3. It's fantastic to see you doing so well! You've come a long way since we met a few months ago! Good on yer, you deserve it!! Jo x