21 August 2010

Day 23 Feature: Marry Me Wedding Stationery

Meet Marry Me Wedding Stationery!

Marry Me Wedding Stationery are based in Newcastle upon Tyne, which is a small family run business, Claire being the main creator of it all (with help from Hubby!)
They mainly do wedding stationery (invites, menu, rsvp etc) but can cater for ay occasion (as seen below in the next photo!)
This small handmade card business has only been set up online for 5 months but is looking to become big enough for Claire to leave her office job and become a full time creator of cards! Claire told me how she has always been creative and how her and her best friend used to make cards to one another when they kids! How adorable hehe, you were definitely meant to be in this profession, so I hope you can do it as a full time job ASAP as it's the best feeling in the world working for yourself!
 Links below for you to see more of Claire's beautiful cards! I wish you the best of luck!

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